AndreaPixie is physically located in breathtaking Nova Scotia Canada and otherwise at large in the universe. I doodle on the web with electric crayons leaving bits of myself on display at an array of cleverly disguised ip addresses all over it’s electric web of awesome. I disassemble and then reassemble ingredients into edible culinary art. I teach others how to become more at ease with their appendages and heal the nastier bits of themselves through mindful motion and Yoga therapy.

I am still split as to career, now I am three things, the wearer of three hats.
I had thought to leave web and design work for good however a dear friend opened his doors and started a creative agency AWESOME, however it is a tad odd to call one’s self an agency when you are in there alone, in fact that makes it less of an agency and makes you seem to be more an agent! So I joined him on a journey of madness and hopefully one of profitability ( to help with the tiny house dreams )
Also teaching Yoga is still a thing I crave and love to share. This year I will be teaching some free mindful motion therapeutic Yoga classes.

And of course I am starting a Gluten free bakery somewhere along the lines here, making cheese and becoming a Chocolatier 🙂
Doin’ many brunches this season at the “Hub in da Dub” and this season I will also have a table with GF baked goodies. Brownies, Cookies, Sour Sough Bread, Pizza Dough, Rolls, Raw and GF Vegan Chocolate goodies. I am also considering the Halifax Brewers market, that would be a much larger market to serve and would be more profitable.

And I have begun to collect all the things to build my tiny house.
List to date: Split Heater, blue ceramic tiles scarfed from the garbage, some laminate flooring.. copious numbers of old wind bottles ( for my glass wall) A brass faucet, a chandelier.
On the please Universe send me for free or a very very reasonable price:
A beautiful and unique small bathroom sink ( prefer small unique crafted one) A ships fireplace (wall mounted) A Propane stove , fixins’ for an outdoor pizza/bread oven, steel roofing bits to make me a roof, solar panels, batteries for an array, reclaimed kitchen cabinets that can be altered to fit the confines of my new home. a two bin quite deep kitchen sink with attached stainless drain board, a high neck water saving kitchen faucet, a leaded stained glass accent window, reclaimed wood for exterior, glazed windows, french doors, a sturdy frame trailer to build on, more to come as I think of it 😛
Oh yea, Universe can I also get a Melanger however, they cost $260 USD and I don’t have that kind of skrill so a used Melanger for 100 bucks would be sweet 🙂
Thanks & Namaste