She believed she could…

ja Ganesha

Ganesha is my favourite of all the funky Hindi gods. I just love how much he reminds me of the possibilities of my body breath and what happens when  I just forgive myself for being frustrated. Ganesha removes obstacles that impede our progress, yet he can also place obstacles in the path of wanton desire, wanting that which does not serve us. Ganesha reminds me to live and move in peace, and appreciate where I am and the perfection of all that I am. He also is my imaginary guide,…read more


today a headache

today a headache forgot to leave it arrived yesterday hung about tried to make me into all sorts of things I declined it sat patient in the back of the room polite but not required funny how sometimes things which do not serve us can be so tenacious and patient while those which would serve us remain elusive     I miss my cat  

as so I think so I am

if nothing is and thinking makes it so then I think I am free of attachment and aversion and so I am right? I think I am free I think I am happy I think I close my eyes I do     I am NoT there at home I am still here HMMMMM Descartes you suck.

vivid dreams

vivid dreams toss my rest away force me to wake stir remember return to the NOW NOW IS NOT comfort although this bed is soft in my mind I am on nails each penetrates a layer of the lie we tell to see this life as REAL separate and one at the same time duality or lie?  

oct 16 2016

there is no way I can not grow from the confines of this situation growth comes through the cracks in the walls life breathes into stone hearts understanding awaits the bus to joy   I am here in body   …in spirit I am with my CAT


See what happened is..I got this beautiful journal amazing shade of green/blue, stunning embossing.  A hand crafted blown glass pen and the most scrumptious shade of blue to play with. I compose word salads with my loverly toys; which is what brings us to bookish. Bookish is the collected murmurings and meanderings of my subtle self in the early-wee-any hours. It turns out that deciphering the random collections of verbs nouns and their peeps is harder than ..than.. jumping across a very large body of water in one single plufflooo. …read more

you would have thought

that at some point along the journey I would have thought of creating a site for me…a place to just plop stuff down.